Early Childhood

During the worship service nursery care is provided for infants and toddlers by a loving, mature attendant. Snacks are available as well. Parents are encouraged to notify the attendants of any allergies or routine they would like followed.

There is a number paging system for your peace of mind. If a need arises, your child’s number will be electronically posted on a diplay in the left-front of the sanctuary room. Additionally, a sound isolated room with comfortable chairs and visibility into and audio from the sanctuary room is available for parents who wish to stay with their child during the service.

Elementary: Grades K – 6

children church & youth group 011

Because we believe children learn from their parents and other adults during their singing and sharing, elementary school age children stay with their parents in the sanctuary room for the first part of our worship service. They are then dismissed to their grade appropriate teaching time, where they are then separated into two groups: Kindergarten through Grade 2 and Grades 3 through 6.

A multi-sensory approach to learning is utilized including auditory, visual, and other teaching elements to plant the knowledge of God’s Word in the hearts and minds of all the children. Additionally, periodic children-led church services are planned allowing the kids the opportunity to share with the adults all the things they have been learning. This also develops participatory and leadership skills.

Our teachers provide a God-centered Bible lesson, crafts and a short time of singing. They truly love what they do, and are dedicated and enthusiastic.